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2 Superfamilies:

Name Description
SAH_riboswitch Superfamily of SAH_riboswitch
SMK_box_riboswitch Superfamily of SMK_box_riboswitch

33 Families:

Name Description
THF THF riboswitch
yybP-ykoY yybP-ykoY leader
PreQ1-III PreQ1-III riboswitch
SAM-SAH SAM/SAH riboswitch
SAM SAM riboswitch (S box leader)
Glycine Glycine riboswitch
SAM-I-IV-variant SAM-I/IV variant riboswitch
SAM-IV S-adenosyl methionine (SAM) riboswitch,
NiCo NiCo riboswitch
Cobalamin Cobalamin riboswitch
AdoCbl_riboswitch AdoCbl riboswitch
AdoCbl-variant AdoCbl variant RNA
SAM_alpha SAM riboswitch (alpha-proteobacteria)
PreQ1 PreQ1 riboswitch
Purine Purine riboswitch
Lysine Lysine riboswitch
SMK_box_riboswitch SMK box translational riboswitch
MFR M. florum riboswitch
ydaO-yuaA ydaO/yuaA leader
ykoK ykoK leader
c-di-GMP-II Cyclic di-GMP-II riboswitch
drz-agam-1 drz-agam-1 riboswitch
drz-agam-2-2 drz-agam-2-2 riboswitch
glmS glmS glucosamine-6-phosphate activated ribozyme
FMN FMN riboswitch (RFN element)
c-di-GMP-I Cyclic di-GMP-I riboswitch
preQ1-II preQ1-II (pre queuosine) riboswitch
MOCO_RNA_motif Moco (molybdenum cofactor) riboswitch
Mg_sensor Magnesium Sensor
SAH_riboswitch S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine riboswitch
TPP TPP riboswitch (THI element)
SAM_V SAM-V riboswitch
ykkC-yxkD ykkC-yxkD leader

23 Tertiary Structures:

Name Description Representative of
4LVZ Structure of the THF riboswitch bound to 2,6-diaminopurine THF
4RZD Crystal Structure of a PreQ1 Riboswitch. Note that due to crystal packing there is no intramolecular L4-RBS pseudoknot formation in the 4RZD structure, instead there is an intermolecular L4-RBS interaction (Liberman et. al doi:10.1073/pnas.1503955112). PreQ1-III
4ENB Crystal structure of fluoride riboswitch, bound to Iridium crcB
5DDP L-glutamine riboswitch bound with L-glutamine glnA
5FJC SAM-I riboswitch bearing the H. marismortui Kt-7 variant C-2bU SAM
3OWZ Crystal structure of glycine riboswitch, soaked in Iridium Glycine
4L81 Structure of the SAM-I/IV riboswitch (env87(deltaU92, deltaG93)) SAM-I-IV-variant
4FRN Crystal structure of the cobalamin riboswitch regulatory element AdoCbl-variant
4XWF Crystal structure of the ZMP riboswitch at 1.80 angstrom pfl
3FU2 Cocrystal structure of a class-I preQ1 riboswitch PreQ1
4FE5 Crystal structure of the xpt-pbuX guanine riboswitch aptamer domain in complex with hypoxanthine Purine
3DIL Crystal structure of the Thermotoga maritima lysine riboswitch bound to lysine Lysine
5NWQ The structure of the thermobifida fusca guanidine III riboswitch with guanidine. ykkC-III
3SKI Crystal structure of the 2'- Deoxyguanosine riboswitch bound to 2'-deoxyguanosine MFR
4QLM ydao riboswitch binding to c-di-AMP ydaO-yuaA
3Q3Z Structure of a c-di-GMP-II riboswitch from C. acetobutylicum bound to c-di-GMP c-di-GMP-II
3F2Q Crystal structure of the FMN riboswitch bound to FMN FMN
4YAZ 3',3'-cGAMP riboswitch bound with 3',3'-cGAMP c-di-GMP-I
2MIY Solution NMR structure of a preQ1 Class II riboswitch from Streptococcus pneumoniae preQ1-II
Molybdenum_cofactor_riboswitch A theoretical model created by bioinformatic metods for sequence ID:X70420.1/73-217 RF01055 RFAM family MOCO_RNA_motif
3D2V Structure of the eukaryotic TPP-specific riboswitch bound to the antibacterial compound pyrithiamine pyrophosphate TPP
5U3G Structure of the Dickeya dadantii ykkC riboswitch bound to guanidinium ykkC-yxkD
5NDH structure of the G. violaceus guanidine II riboswitch P2 stem-loop mini-ykkC