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2 Superfamilies:

Name Description
SAH_riboswitch Superfamily of SAH_riboswitch
SMK_box_riboswitch Superfamily of SMK_box_riboswitch

33 Families:

Name Description
THF THF riboswitch
yybP-ykoY yybP-ykoY leader
PreQ1-III PreQ1-III riboswitch
SAM-SAH SAM/SAH riboswitch
SAM SAM riboswitch (S box leader)
Glycine Glycine riboswitch
SAM-I-IV-variant SAM-I/IV variant riboswitch
SAM-IV S-adenosyl methionine (SAM) riboswitch,
NiCo NiCo riboswitch
Cobalamin Cobalamin riboswitch
AdoCbl_riboswitch AdoCbl riboswitch
AdoCbl-variant AdoCbl variant RNA
SAM_alpha SAM riboswitch (alpha-proteobacteria)
PreQ1 PreQ1 riboswitch
Purine Purine riboswitch
Lysine Lysine riboswitch
SMK_box_riboswitch SMK box translational riboswitch
MFR M. florum riboswitch
ydaO-yuaA ydaO/yuaA leader
ykoK ykoK leader
c-di-GMP-II Cyclic di-GMP-II riboswitch
drz-agam-1 drz-agam-1 riboswitch
drz-agam-2-2 drz-agam-2-2 riboswitch
glmS glmS glucosamine-6-phosphate activated ribozyme
FMN FMN riboswitch (RFN element)
c-di-GMP-I Cyclic di-GMP-I riboswitch
preQ1-II preQ1-II (pre queuosine) riboswitch
MOCO_RNA_motif Moco (molybdenum cofactor) riboswitch
Mg_sensor Magnesium Sensor
SAH_riboswitch S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine riboswitch
TPP TPP riboswitch (THI element)
SAM_V SAM-V riboswitch
ykkC-yxkD ykkC-yxkD leader

19 Tertiary Structures:

Name Description Representative of
4LVZ Structure of the THF riboswitch bound to 2,6-diaminopurine THF
4ENB Crystal structure of fluoride riboswitch, bound to Iridium crcB
5DDP L-glutamine riboswitch bound with L-glutamine glnA
3SKI Crystal structure of the 2'- Deoxyguanosine riboswitch bound to 2'-deoxyguanosine MFR
3OWZ Crystal structure of glycine riboswitch, soaked in Iridium Glycine
5FJC SAM-I riboswitch bearing the H. marismortui Kt-7 variant C-2bU SAM
4L81 Structure of the SAM-I/IV riboswitch (env87(deltaU92, deltaG93)) SAM-I-IV-variant
3F2Q Crystal structure of the FMN riboswitch bound to FMN FMN
4YAZ 3',3'-cGAMP riboswitch bound with 3',3'-cGAMP c-di-GMP-I
4FRN Crystal structure of the cobalamin riboswitch regulatory element AdoCbl-variant
4XWF Crystal structure of the ZMP riboswitch at 1.80 angstrom pfl
Molybdenum_cofactor_riboswitch A theoretical model created by bioinformatic metods for sequence ID:X70420.1/73-217 RF01055 RFAM family MOCO_RNA_motif
2MIY Solution NMR structure of a preQ1 Class II riboswitch from Streptococcus pneumoniae preQ1-II
3Q3Z Structure of a c-di-GMP-II riboswitch from C. acetobutylicum bound to c-di-GMP c-di-GMP-II
3D2V Structure of the eukaryotic TPP-specific riboswitch bound to the antibacterial compound pyrithiamine pyrophosphate TPP
4QLM ydao riboswitch binding to c-di-AMP ydaO-yuaA
4RZD Crystal Structure of a PreQ1 Riboswitch. Note that due to crystal packing there is no intramolecular L4-RBS pseudoknot formation in the 4RZD structure, instead there is an intermolecular L4-RBS interaction (Liberman et. al doi:10.1073/pnas.1503955112). PreQ1-III
4FE5 Crystal structure of the xpt-pbuX guanine riboswitch aptamer domain in complex with hypoxanthine Purine
3DIL Crystal structure of the Thermotoga maritima lysine riboswitch bound to lysine Lysine