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Human pancreatic ribonuclease (pdb: 2k11)

protein well ordered
Instruction for producing the image:

Run UCSF Chimera, and then inside of the Chimera:

a) 'File'->'Fetch by ID' and in pop up type '2k11' in ID part (from PDB databese, already marked by default)
Note: 2k11 is solution structure of human pancreatic ribonuclease obtained by NMR, the file contains 20 models
b) 'Select'->'Chain'->'Chain'->'A'->'2k11 (#1.0)' - select first NMR model
c) 'Select'->'Invert (all models)' - invert the selection, this will select models 2-20
d) 'Actions'->'Atom/Bonds'->'delete' - remove models 2-20
e) 'Presets'->'Interactive (ribbons)' - the protein ribbon in rainbow-colored mode from blue at the N-terminus to red at the C-terminus
f) 'Actions'->'Atom/Bonds'->'hide' - hide all atoms
g) 'Presets'->'Publication 3 (depth-cued, rounded ribbon)'
h) 'File'->'Save image' - save it as a PNG file e.g. 2k11.png

Contact: Lukasz Kozlowski

If you find MetaDisorder useful, please consider citing the reference that describes this work:
Kozlowski LP, Bujnicki JM. MetaDisorder: a meta-server for the prediction of intrinsic disorder in proteins. BMC Bioinformatics. 2012 May 24;13(1):111.

This work was supported by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (grant NN301 190139).

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