A web server for Quality Assessment and Recombination of protein models.

With QA-RecombineIt you can:

Starting from protein sequence and computational models of the protein:

  • Predict global and local accuracy of these models:
    • The following single-model model quality assessment programs (MQAPs) will be used to do so: MQAPsingle, MetaMQAP, ProQ2, DFIRE and GOAP.
    • In addition MQAPmulti, a clustering MQAP will be used to score the input models.
    • Visualize the predicted local accuracy as heat maps and scatter plots.
  • Then, create more accurate models:
    • Apply our algorithm (RecombineIt) to splice fragments with high predicted accuracy to build new hybrid models with accuracy improved compared to the starting models.
    • Predict global and local accuracy of these newly generated models.
    • Perform detailed analyses of these models.

Input form

To execute QA-RecombineIt you need both the sequence of the target protein, and a set of models of the protein. Although a model does need to have all residues modeled, the number of a residue has to be in agreement with the target sequence.

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