International institute of molecular and cell biology in Warzawa


Architecture Description Class nĀ° Families Structure
Intron_gpII-like RNAs structured similarly to Group II introns structured_complex 12
Intron_gpI-like RNAs structured similarly to Group I introns structured_complex 5
IRES_multi_domain RNAs with Internal Ribosome Entry Sites and other domains structured_complex 28
multiple_domains RNAs with multiple and/or various domains structured_complex 22
rRNA Ribosomal RNAs structured_complex 14
SRP Signal recognition RNAs structured_complex 8
telomerase Telomerase RNA components structured_complex 4
tRNA-like RNAs structurally resembling tRNAs structured_simple 15
U1_snRNA U1 spliceosomal small nuclear RNAs structured_complex 4
U4_snRNA U4 spliceosomal small nuclear RNAs structured_complex 3
2H RNAs with two hairpin substructures structured_simple 543
3H RNAs with three hairpin substructures structured_simple 121
3WJ RNAs with three way junction structured_simple 173
4H RNAs with four hairpin substructures structured_simple 55
4WJ RNAs with four way junction structured_simple 47
hairpin RNAs with single hairpin structured_simple 1309
pseudoknot_simple RNAs with simple pseudoknot structured_simple 41
RNaseP Ribonuclease P structures structured_complex 7
complex unclassified Complex RNAs with no known distinct domain structured_complex 277