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Family C4

Superfamily: C4
Architecture: 3WJ
Class: structured_simple

Description : C4 antisense RNA

RNA type: antisense Gene

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Structure Source Link: Bujnicki lab

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Rfam RF01695


Model created with the SimRNA program, based on available knowledge about the secondary structure of this sequence. The modeled sequence is one of the RFAM puzzle sequences from 2017.

Selected representative tertiary Structure:

Structure ID: C4_RNA

Chain: A

Description: a theoretical model created by bioinformatic metods for sequence id:aakb02000001.1/4257494-4257407 rf01695 rfam family

Experimental method: theoretical prediction (folding with simrna, with restraints on secondary structure)

Resolution: not applicable

Deposition date in Bujnicki lab: 2017-08-15

RNArchitecture deposition date: Sept. 29, 2017, 12:46 p.m.