International institute of molecular and cell biology in Warzawa

Family manA

Superfamily: manA
Architecture: complex unclassified
Class: structured_complex

Description : manA RNA

RNA type: Cis-reg

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Download only Chain structure.

Structure Source Link: Bujnicki lab

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Rfam RF01745

Selected representative tertiary Structure:

Structure ID: manA_RNA

Chain: A

Description: a theoretical model created by bioinformatic metods for sequence id:aacy020216686.1/371-558 from rf01745 rfam family

Experimental method: theoretical prediction (folding with simrna, with restraints on secondary structure)

Resolution: not applicable

Deposition date in Bujnicki lab: 2017-08-15

RNArchitecture deposition date: Aug. 18, 2017, 2:22 p.m.