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Full name: tRNA uridine(34) 5-carboxymethylaminomethyl synthesis GTPase
Synonym: ThdF, TrmE
GI: 2851487
Orf: b3706
COG: COG0486
UniProt: P25522
Structures: | 2GJ8 | 2GJ9 | 2GJA |
Complex: MnmE/MnmG
Enzyme type: GTPase
Position of modification - modification: t:34 - cmnm5s2U
t:34 - mnm5s2U
t:34 - cmnm5Um
t:34 - mnm5U


Hydrolyses GTP (contains a P-loop domain). MnmE works as a dimer in complex with MnmG (GidA, also a dimer). MnmEG complex catalyzes two different reactions dependent on the substrate (glycine or ammonium). The choice between glycine and ammonium was shown to be influenced by growth phase and medium with glycine pathway being chosen in minimal medium and in exponential phase. However, in the case of tRNAGlncmnm5s2U the glycine pathway is always the dominant one and for tRNALeucmnm5Um the ammonium pathway was observed only in vitro. MnmE has been shown to negatively regulate the activity on MiaB involved in methylthiolation of i6A37 of tRNA. Crystal structures available only for the G-domain. The homologue from P. aeruginosa has been crystallized. The yeast mitochondrial homolog is Mss1, working in complex with Mto1.

Protein sequence:


Enzymatic activities:

Reaction Substrate Type Position
U:cmnm5U tRNA (t) Lys/SUU/prokaryotic cytosol 34
U:nm5U tRNA (t) Lys/SUU/prokaryotic cytosol 34
Um:cmnm5Um tRNA (t) Leu/)AA/prokaryotic cytosol 34
s2U:nm5s2U tRNA (t) Lys/SUU/prokaryotic cytosol 34
se2U:nm5se2U tRNA (t)   34
s2U:cmnm5s2U tRNA (t) Lys/SUU/prokaryotic cytosol 34
se2U:cmnm5se2U tRNA (t)   34
s2U:cmnm5s2U tRNA (t) Glu/SUC/prokaryotic cytosol 34
s2U:cmnm5s2U tRNA (t) Gln/$UG/prokaryotic cytosol 34
U:cmnm5U tRNA (t) Glu/SUC/prokaryotic cytosol 34
s2U:nm5s2U tRNA (t) Glu/SUC/prokaryotic cytosol 34
U:nm5U tRNA (t) Glu/SUC/prokaryotic cytosol 34
U:cmnm5U tRNA (t) Gln/$UG/prokaryotic cytosol 34
s2U:nm5s2U tRNA (t) Gln/$UG/prokaryotic cytosol 34
U:nm5U tRNA (t) Gln/$UG/prokaryotic cytosol 34
U:nm5U tRNA (t) Leu/)AA/prokaryotic cytosol 34
U:cmnm5U tRNA (t) Leu/)AA/prokaryotic cytosol 34
U:nm5U tRNA (t) Arg/{CU/prokaryotic cytosol 34
U:cmnm5U tRNA (t) Arg/{CU/prokaryotic cytosol 34
U:nm5U tRNA (t) Gly/{CC/prokaryotic cytosol 34
U:cmnm5U tRNA (t) Gly/{CC/prokaryotic cytosol 34


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