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Full name: H/ACA ribonucleoprotein complex subunit 3
GI: 54036193
Orf: YHR072W-A
COG: COG2260
UniProt: Q6Q547
Structures: | 1Y2Y | 2AQA | 3U28 | 3UAI |
Complex: H/ACA RNP

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The H/ACA small nucleolar ribonucleoprotein (snoRNP) complexes guide the modification of uridine to pseudouridine at conserved sites in rRNA. The H/ACA snoRNPs each comprise a target-site-specific snoRNA and four core proteins, Nop10p, Nhp2p, Gar1p, and the pseudouridine synthase, Cbf5p, in yeast. The secondary structure of the H/ACA snoRNAs includes two hairpins that each contain a large internal loop (the pseudouridylation pocket), one or both of which are partially complementary to the target RNA(s). We have determined the solution structure of an RNA hairpin derived from the human U65 box H/ACA snoRNA including the pseudouridylation pocket and adjacent stems, providing the first three-dimensional structural information on these H/ACA snoRNAs. We have also determined the structure of Nop10p and investigated its interaction with RNA using NMR spectroscopy. Nop10p contains a structurally well-defined N-terminal region composed of a beta-hairpin, and the rest of the protein lacks a globular structure. Chemical shift mapping of the interaction of RNA constructs of U65 box H/ACA 3' hairpin with Nop10p shows that the beta-hairpin binds weakly but specifically to RNA. The unstructured region of Nop10p likely interacts with Cbf5p.

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One of the essential subunits of H/ACA RNP complex catalysing pseudouridine formation in various RNAs and also mediating telomerase maintenance.


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