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Full name: Cysteine desulfurase IscS subfamily
Synonym: NuvC
GI: 67466100
Orf: b2530
COG: COG1104
UniProt: P0A6B7
Structures: | 1P3W | 3LMV |
Enzyme type: cysteine desulfurase
Position of modification - modification:


The IscS protein is a pyridoxal phosphate-containing cysteine desulfurase involved in iron-sulfur cluster biogenesis. Cofactor of other enzymes involved in thio-modification of tRNA: MnmA (s2U34), MiaB (ms2 on i6A37), ThiI (s4U8), TtcA (s2C32), TtuA (s2U54). NifS is the homolog in yeast and plants.

Protein sequence:



Title Authors Journal Details PubMed Id DOI
IscS is a sulfurtransferase for the in vitro biosynthesis of 4-thiouridine in Escherichia coli tRNA. Kambampati R, Lauhon CT Biochemistry [details] 10600118 -
Requirement for IscS in biosynthesis of all thionucleosides in Escherichia coli. Lauhon CT J Bacteriol [details] 12446632 -
MnmA and IscS are required for in vitro 2-thiouridine biosynthesis in Escherichia coli. Kambampati R, Lauhon CT Biochemistry [details] 12549933 -
Crystal structure of IscS, a cysteine desulfurase from Escherichia coli. Cupp-Vickery JR, Urbina H, Vickery LE J Mol Biol [details] 12860127 -
The cysteine desulfurase IscS is required for synthesis of all five thiolated nucleosides present in tRNA from Salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium. Nilsson K, Lundgren HK, Hagervall TG, Bjork GR J Bacteriol [details] 12446633 -
Structural basis for Fe-S cluster assembly and tRNA thiolation mediated by IscS protein-protein interactions. Shi R, Proteau A, Villarroya M, Moukadiri I, Zhang L, Trempe JF, Matte A, Armengod ME, Cygler M PLoS Biol [details] 20404999 -
Structural alterations of the cysteine desulfurase IscS of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium reveal substrate specificity of IscS in tRNA thiolation. Lundgren HK, Bjork GR... J Bacteriol [details] 16585765 -



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