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Full name: 50S ribosomal protein L7Ae
Synonym: rpl7ae, AF_0764
GI: 11498370
COG: COG1358
UniProt: O29494
Structures: | 1RLG |
Complex: C/D RNP


L7Ae protein, together with fused Nop56/58 (also designated Nop5) and Fibrillarin methyltranferase (FlpA), makes the core of C/D RNP complex in Archaea. It is a homologue of S. cerevisiae Snu13 and mammalian 15.5kD protein. Archaeal L7Ae is also a subunit of H/ACA RNP complex, a subunit of RNase P and one of the ribosomal protein of the 50S subunit. In all cases L7Ae binds to a common kink-turn motif of RNA.

Protein sequence:



Title Authors Journal Details PubMed Id DOI
Binding of L7Ae protein to the K-turn of archaeal snoRNAs: a shared RNA binding motif for C/D and H/ACA box snoRNAs in Archaea. Rozhdestvensky TS, Tang TH, Tchirkova IV, Brosius J, Bachellerie JP, Huttenhofer A Nucleic Acids Res [details] 12560482 -
Molecular basis of box C/D RNA-protein interactions; cocrystal structure of archaeal L7Ae and a box C/D RNA. Moore T, Zhang Y, Fenley MO, Li H Structure [details] 15130473 -



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