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Full name: NHP2-like protein 1
Synonym: 15.5kD
GI: 51317376
COG: COG1358
UniProt: P55769
Structures: | 1E7K | 2OZB |
Complex: C/D RNP


NHP2L1 (15.5kD) protein is a homologue of yeast Snu13 and Archaea L7Ae. Binds to a common kink-turn motif of snoRNA and U4/U6, U5 splicesomal snRNA. Belongs to C/D RNP complexes acting on pre-rRNA, pre-mRNA, snRNA and a few intron-containing tRNA.

Protein sequence:



Title Authors Journal Details PubMed Id DOI
Crystal structure of the spliceosomal 15.5kD protein bound to a U4 snRNA fragment. Vidovic I, Nottrott S, Hartmuth K, Luhrmann R, Ficner R Mol Cell [details] 11163207 -
Binding of the human Prp31 Nop domain to a composite RNA-protein platform in U4 snRNP. Liu S, Li P, Dybkov O, Nottrott S, Hartmuth K, Luhrmann R, Carlomagno T, Wahl MC Science [details] 17412961 -
Functional interaction of a novel 15.5kD [U4/U6.U5] tri-snRNP protein with the 5' stem-loop of U4 snRNA. Nottrott S, Hartmuth K, Fabrizio P, Urlaub H, Vidovic I, Ficner R, Luhrmann R EMBO J [details] 10545122 -
Cloning and mapping of a human novel cDNA (NHP2L1) that encodes a protein highly homologous to yeast nuclear protein NHP2. Saito H, Fujiwara T, Shin S, Okui K, Nakamura Y... Cytogenet Cell Genet [details] 8978773 -
Biogenesis and intranuclear trafficking of human box C/D and H/ACA RNPs. Kiss T, Fayet E, Jady BE, Richard P, Weber M... Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol [details] 17381323 -



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