Full name: tRNA 2-thiouridine(34) synthase
Synonym: sirA, yhhP
GI: 16131342
COG: COG0425
UniProt: P0A890
Structures: | 3LVK | 3LVJ | 1DCJ |
Enzyme type: sulfurtransferase
Position of modification - modification:


TusA is a part of sulfur-relay system required for sulfur transfer from IscS cysteine desulfurase to MnmA protein which participates in mnm5s2U synthesis at tRNA wobble positions. TusA accepts a sulfur from IscS and transfers it to TusD.

Protein sequence:



Title Authors Journal Details PubMed Id DOI
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Mechanistic insights into sulfur relay by multiple sulfur mediators involved in thiouridine biosynthesis at tRNA wobble positions. Ikeuchi Y, Shigi N, Kato J, Nishimura A, Suzuki T Mol Cell [details] 16387657 -
High precision NMR structure of YhhP, a novel Escherichia coli protein implicated in cell division. Katoh E, Hatta T, Shindo H, Ishii Y, Yamada H, Mizuno T, Yamazaki T J Mol Biol [details] 11080457 -


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