Full name: UPF0079 ATP-binding protein ydiB
Synonym: YdiB
GI: 16077658
COG: COG0802
UniProt: O05515
Structures: | |
Enzyme type: ATPase
Position of modification - modification:


This ortholog of E. coli TsaE (YjeE) belongs to P-loop ATPases. It binds ATP and displays a weak ATPase activity. Purified recombinant TsaE oligomerizes in vitro. In bacteria four proteins: TsaD, Sua5, TsaE and TsaB (YgjD, YrdC, YjeE, and YeaZ, respectively) are both necessary and sufficient for t6A biosynthesis in vitro. YrdC and YgjD are members of universally conserved families while YeaZ and YjeE are specific to bacteria.

Protein sequence:



Title Authors Journal Details PubMed Id DOI
The ATPase activity of an 'essential' Bacillus subtilis enzyme, YdiB, is required for its cellular function and is modulated by oligomerization. Karst JC, Foucher AE, Campbell TL, Di Guilmi AM, Stroebel D, Mangat CS, Brown ED, Jault JM Microbiology [details] 19246765 -

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