Full name: tRNA methyltransferase 112 homolog
Synonym: TRMT112
GI: 7705477
Orf: AD-001, HSPC152, HSPC170
COG: COG2835
UniProt: Q9UI30
Structures: | |
Enzyme type: methyltransferase
Position of modification - modification:


The heterodimer with ALKBH8 catalyzes the methylation of 5-carboxymethyl uridine to 5-methylcarboxymethyl uridine at the wobble position of the anticodon loop in target tRNA species. Homologue of yeast Trm112.

Protein sequence:



Title Authors Journal Details PubMed Id DOI
Mammalian ALKBH8 possesses tRNA methyltransferase activity required for the biogenesis of multiple wobble uridine modifications implicated in translational decoding. Songe-Moller L, van den Born E, Leihne V, Vagbo CB, Kristoffersen T, Krokan HE, Kirpekar F, Falnes PO, Klungland A Mol Cell Biol [details] 20123966 -

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