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Full name: Non-structural protein 10
Structures: | 5YNB | 6JDR | 6JDS | 6JDU | 5YN5 | 5YN6 | 5YN8 | 5YNF | 5YNJ | 5YNP | 2G9T | 2GA6 | 5YNN | 5YNI | 5YNM | 5YNO | 5YNQ | 7DIY | 7NH7 | 6W4H | 3R24 | 2XYQ | 2XYR | 2XYV | 6ZCT |
Complex: nsp16, nsp14

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Su, D., Lou, Z., Sun, F., Zhai, Y., Yang, H., Zhang, R., Joachimiak, A., Zhang, X.C., Bartlam, M., Rao, Z.

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Pdb Files   2G9T.pdb   2GA6.pdb   2XYQ.pdb   2XYR.pdb   2XYV.pdb   3R24.pdb   5YN5.pdb   5YN6.pdb   5YN8.pdb   5YNB.pdb   5YNF.pdb   5YNI.pdb   5YNJ.pdb   5YNM.pdb   5YNN.pdb   5YNO.pdb   5YNP.pdb   5YNQ.pdb   6JDR.pdb   6JDS.pdb   6JDU.pdb   6W4H.pdb   6ZCT.pdb   7DIY.pdb   7NH7.pdb  
Pdbx/mmCIF Files   2G9T.cif   2GA6.cif   2XYQ.cif   2XYR.cif   2XYV.cif   3R24.cif   5YN5.cif   5YN6.cif   5YN8.cif   5YNB.cif   5YNF.cif   5YNI.cif   5YNJ.cif   5YNM.cif   5YNN.cif   5YNO.cif   5YNP.cif   5YNQ.cif   6JDR.cif   6JDS.cif   6JDU.cif   6W4H.cif   6ZCT.cif   7DIY.cif   7NH7.cif  

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Plays a pivotal role in viral transcription by stimulating both nsp14 3'-5' exoribonuclease and nsp16 2'-O-methyltransferase activities. Therefore plays an essential role in viral mRNAs cap methylation


Title Authors Journal Details PubMed Id DOI
Crystal structure of SARS-CoV-2 nsp10 bound to nsp14-ExoN domain reveals an exoribonuclease with both structural and functional integrity. Sheng Lin,Hua Chen,Zimin Chen,Fanli Yang,Fei Ye,Yue Zheng,Jing Yang,Xi Lin,Honglu Sun,Lingling Wang,Ao Wen,Haohao Dong,Qingjie Xiao,Dong Deng,Yu Cao,Guangwen Lu Nucleic Acids Res [details] 33956156 -
A High-Throughput Radioactivity-Based Assay for Screening SARS-CoV-2 nsp10-nsp16 Complex. Aliakbar Khalili Yazdi,Fengling Li,Kanchan Devkota,Sumera Perveen,Pegah Ghiabi,Taraneh Hajian,Albina Bolotokova,Masoud Vedadi SLAS Discov [details] 33874769 -