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Full name: U8 snoRNA-decapping enzyme
GI: None
UniProt: Q96DE0
Structures: | 2XSQ | 3COU | 3MGM | 5VY2 | 5W6X | 5W6Z | 5WJI |
Enzyme type: hydrolase
Position of modification - modification:


RNA-binding and decapping enzyme that catalyzes the cleavage of the cap structure of snoRNAs and mRNAs in a metal-dependent manner. Part of the U8 snoRNP complex that is required for the accumulation of mature 5.8S and 28S rRNA. Has diphosphatase activity and removes m7G and/or m227G caps from U8 snoRNA and leaves a 5'monophosphate on the RNA. Catalyzes also the cleavage of the cap structure on mRNAs. Does not hydrolyze cap analog structures like 7-methylguanosine nucleoside triphosphate (m7GpppG). Also hydrolysis m7G- and m227G U3-capped RNAs but with less efficiencies. Has broad substrate specificity with manganese or cobalt as cofactor and can act on various RNA species. Binds to the U8 snoRNA; metal is not required for RNA-binding. May play a role in the regulation of snoRNAs and mRNAs degradation. Acts also as a phosphatase; hydrolyzes the non-canonical purine nucleotides inosine diphosphate (IDP) and deoxyinosine diphosphate (dITP) as well as guanosine diphosphate (GDP), deoxyguanosine diphosphate (dGDP), xanthine diphosphate (XDP), inosine triphosphate (ITP) and deoxyinosine triphosphate (ITP) to their respective monophosphate derivatives and does not distinguish between the deoxy- and ribose forms (PubMed:20385596, PubMed:26121039).

Protein sequence:


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