Full name: tRNA 4-thiouridine(8) synthase
Synonym: NuvA
GI: 2501549
Orf: b0423
COG: COG0301
UniProt: P77718
Structures: | |
Enzyme type: sulfurtransferase
Position of modification - modification: t:8 - s4U


Requires IcsS as a sulphur donor. Thiamine biosyntheses protein. Contains 1 rhodanese domain. Sulfur is transferred to ThiI through direct binding of IscS. ThiI then transfers the sulfur group to the conserved U8 of bacterial tRNA to form s4U8.

Protein sequence:


Enzymatic activities:

Reaction Substrate Type Position
U:s4U tRNA (t) Arg/ICG/prokaryotic cytosol 8
U:s4U tRNA (t) Asn/QUU/prokaryotic cytosol 8
U:s4U tRNA (t) Asp/QUC/prokaryotic cytosol 8
U:s4U tRNA (t) Cys/GCA/prokaryotic cytosol 8
U:s4U tRNA (t) Gln/NUG/prokaryotic cytosol 8
U:s4U tRNA (t) Gln/CUG/prokaryotic cytosol 8
U:s4U tRNA (t) Gly/CCC/prokaryotic cytosol 8
U:s4U tRNA (t) His/QUG/prokaryotic cytosol 8
U:s4U tRNA (t) Ile/}AU/prokaryotic cytosol 8
U:s4U tRNA (t) Leu/)AA/prokaryotic cytosol 8
U:s4U tRNA (t) Met/MAU/prokaryotic cytosol 8
U:s4U tRNA (t) Phe/GAA/prokaryotic cytosol 8
U:s4U tRNA (t) Ser/UGA/prokaryotic cytosol 8
U:s4U tRNA (t) Ser/GCU/prokaryotic cytosol 8
U:s4U tRNA (t) Ser/GGA/prokaryotic cytosol 8
U:s4U tRNA (t) Trp/CCA/prokaryotic cytosol 8
U:s4U tRNA (t) Tyr/QUA/prokaryotic cytosol 8
U:s4U tRNA (t) Val/VAC/prokaryotic cytosol 8
U:s4U tRNA (t) Val/GAC/prokaryotic cytosol 8
U:s4U tRNA (t)   8
U:s4U tRNA (t)   8
U:s4U tRNA (t)   8
U:s4U tRNA (t) Leu/BAA/prokaryotic cytosol 8


Title Authors Journal Details PubMed Id DOI
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Direct evidence for enzyme persulfide and disulfide intermediates during 4-thiouridine biosynthesis. Wright CM, Christman GD, Snellinger AM, Johnston MV, Mueller EG Chem Commun (Camb) [details] 16855700 -


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