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Published on Jan. 1, 1992 in EMBO J volume 11.

PubMed ID: 1531632


Among the few proteins of the eukaryotic nucleolus that have been characterized, four proteins, nucleolin, fibrillarin, SSB1 and NSR1, possess a common structural motif, the GAR domain, which is rich in glycine and arginine residues. In order to examine whether the presence of this domain is characteristic of a family of nucleolar proteins, we investigated whether other yeast genes encode proteins containing GAR domains. We report here the sequence and the characterization of a new yeast gene, GAR1, which encodes a protein of 205 residues containing two GAR domains. GAR1 is a non-ribosomal protein, localized in the yeast nucleolus, which is essential for cell growth. Immunoprecipitation with anti-GAR1 antibodies shows that GAR1 is associated with a subset of snoRNAs, including snR10 and snR30. Depletion of GAR1 by expression under the control of a regulated GAL promoter, impairs processing of the 35S primary transcript of pre-rRNA and prevents synthesis of 18S rRNA. GAR1 is thus the fifth member of a family of nucleolar proteins containing GAR domains, and is involved in rRNA metabolism.

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