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Published on Feb. 21, 2010 in FEBS Lett volume 584.

PubMed ID: 19944692


In the bacterial decoding system, the AUA codon is deciphered as isoleucine by tRNA(Ile) bearing lysidine (L, 2-lysyl-cytidine) at the wobble position. Lysidine is an essential modification that determines both the codon and amino acid specificities of tRNA(Ile). We identified an enzyme named tRNA(Ile) lysidine synthetase (TilS) that catalyzes lysidine formation by using lysine and ATP as substrates. Biochemical studies revealed a molecular mechanism of lysidine formation that consists of two consecutive reactions involving the adenylated tRNA intermediate. In addition, we deciphered how Escherichia coli TilS specifically discriminates between tRNA(Ile) and the structurally similar tRNA(Met), which bears the same anticodon loop. Recent structural studies unveiled tRNA recognition by TilS, and a molecular basis of lysidine formation at atomic resolution.

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