Modomics - A Database of RNA Modifications

Published on May 1, 2003 in Monatshefte fuer Chemie volume .


The straightforward synthesis of eight methylated ribonucleoside phosphoramidites is described. These building blocks allow for incorporation of the naturally occuring nucleosides 1-methylguanosine (m1G), N2-metylguanosine (m2G), N2,N2-dimethylguanosine (m22G), 1-methylinosine (m1I), 3-methyluridine (m3U), N4-methylcytidine (m4C), N6-methyladenosine (m6A), and N6,N6-dimethyladenosine (m62A) into oligoribonucleotides by automated RNA solid-phase synthesis. In all cases, the ribose 2'-hydroxyl group of the building blocks is masked by the recently introduced [(triisopropylsilyl)oxy[mehtyl (TOM) group.

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