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Full name: tRNA (N6-isopentenyl adenosine(37)-C2)-methylthiotransferase
Synonym: YleA
GI: 83288203
Orf: b0661
COG: COG0621
UniProt: P0AEI1
Structures: | |
Enzyme type: methylthiotransferase
Position of modification - modification: t:37 - ms2i6A


Bacterial MiaB works on A36-i6A37-containing tRNA. It displays a N-terminal TRAM domain and a C-terminal catalytic radical SAM domain with two [4Fe-4S] clusters coordinated with 3 cysteines and an exchangeable S-AdoMet. It works with IcsS/IcsU as the donor of sulfur. Belongs to the same family of methylthiotransferases as B subtilis MTaB (YqeV), mammalian MtaB (Cdkal1) and protein methylthiotransferase RimO. A MiaB-CDKAL1-like enzyme is present in Archaea, while MiaA/Mod5 is totally absent. Its function is still elusive (2012). MnmE-GTpase negatively regulates the activity of MiaG in E. coli.

Protein sequence:


Enzymatic activities:

Reaction Substrate Type Position
i6A:ms2i6A tRNA (t) Cys/GCA/prokaryotic cytosol 37
i6A:ms2i6A tRNA (t) Leu/UAA/prokaryotic cytosol 37
i6A:ms2i6A tRNA (t) Phe/GAA/prokaryotic cytosol 37
i6A:ms2i6A tRNA (t) Ser/UGA/prokaryotic cytosol 37
i6A:ms2i6A tRNA (t) Ser/CGA/prokaryotic cytosol 37
i6A:ms2i6A tRNA (t) Trp/CCA/prokaryotic cytosol 37
i6A:ms2i6A tRNA (t) Tyr/GUA/prokaryotic cytosol 37


Title Authors Journal Details PubMed Id DOI
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