Full name: alkB homolog 3, alpha-ketoglutarate dependent dioxygenase
Synonym: DEPC-1
GI: None
Orf: None
COG: None
UniProt: Q96Q83
Structures: | 2iuw |
Complex: None



Protein sequence:


Diseases connected to this enzyme:

Description Reaction Disease Name
The genes related to migration and cytoskeleton are the target of m1A modification. This epigenetic chaneg cause poor overall survival. A:m1A
Hodgkin lymphoma
CSF-1 expression is increased by the overexpression of ALKBH3. This results in cancer cell invasiveness without affecting cell proliferation and migration A:m1A
Ovarian and breast cancer
In tumor samples, dysregulation and genetic alteartions of putative m1A-related enzymes are observed. Also, m1A-related enzymes regulate the ErbB and mTOR pathways. A:m1A
Gastrointestinal cancer

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