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Full name: rRNA 2′-O-methyltransferase fibrillarin
Synonym: Fibrillarin, Lot3p
GI: 6320190
Orf: YDL014W
COG: COG1889
UniProt: P15646
Structures: | |
Complex: C/D RNP
Enzyme type: methyltransferase
Position of modification - modification: s:many - Xm
l:many - Xm


Requires snoRNA to identify the substrate. It is basically only a catalytic subunit of a multiprotein C/D RNP complex. Works in S. cerevisiae with 3 other proteins: Nop58p, Nop56p, Snu13p. About 53 positions methylated by C/D RNP complex were found in S. cerevisiae rRNA (see The yeast snoRNA database).

Protein sequence:


Enzymatic activities:

Reaction Substrate Type Position
A:Am rRNA (r)   many
G:Gm rRNA (r)   many
C:Cm rRNA (r)   many
U:Um rRNA (r)   many


Title Authors Journal Details PubMed Id DOI
Isolation and sequencing of NOP1. A yeast gene encoding a nucleolar protein homologous to a human autoimmune antigen. Henriquez R, Blobel G, Aris JP J Biol Chem [details] 2298745 -
Nucleolar KKE/D repeat proteins Nop56p and Nop58p interact with Nop1p and are required for ribosome biogenesis. Gautier T, Berges T, Tollervey D, Hurt E Mol Cell Biol [details] 9372940 -
The small nucleolar RNP protein NOP1 (fibrillarin) is required for pre-rRNA processing in yeast. Tollervey D, Lehtonen H, Carmo-Fonseca M, Hurt EC EMBO J [details] 1825809 -
A U3 snoRNP protein with homology to splicing factor PRP4 and G beta domains is required for ribosomal RNA processing. Jansen R, Tollervey D, Hurt EC EMBO J [details] 8508778 -
Box C/D snoRNP catalysed methylation is aided by additional pre-rRNA base-pairing. van Nues RW, Granneman S, Kudla G, Sloan KE, Chicken M, Tollervey D, Watkins NJ EMBO J [details] 21556049 -


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